[nvidia/qt5/kdenlive] Segfault on various KDE-software using NVIDIA 361.16

Uhm crap. The last system update just pulled a new beta version of NVIDIAs binary driver. Usually not that much of a deal, I went for testing due to a bug in their stable driver some years ago and never ran into a problem. Well, at least until now.  This time the testing-curse found its way into my system and I found myself no longer able to start my video editor kdenlive. Segmentation Fault. I suspected my setup first since I am running a rather unusual multihead configuration but could also with just one monitor I ran into the same problem. Well, looks like I have to dig deeper. Some gdb later at least a clue:

So XScreenCount or libGLX is the suspect. In my case GLX is provided by NVIDIAs binary driver (nouveau had limited multihead support last time I checked). Also some QT5-stuff is mentioned in the backtrace.

A bit of search engine voodoo later it turns out NVIDIA already acknowledged the problem. Aaron Plattner writes:

I reproduced the problem and tracked it down to this buggy code in Qt5’s qxcbglxintegration.cpp:

When this code is called during sddm-greeter startup, there’s no current GLX context, so this gets called with a NULL argument.

While here SDDM is not the problem I think kdenlive, which uses similar libraries, runs into the same problem. He also pushed a corresponding patch to NVIDIAs GIT-repository. Sadly the current HEAD is not 100% ABI compatible with the official driver release. Also I really didn’t want to get into my distributions xorg-packaging-foo. Ultimately I reverted to the current NVIDIA stable version 358.16 to get back into business. So – lesson confirmed: Beta releases can fix problems or cause problems. But who doesn’t like a bit of stability-gambling, right?

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